Your Guide for a Spontaneous Adventure Day

Your Guide for a Spontaneous Adventure Day
So you hear these stories and see these posts on social media of people going on these wild adventures. They’re finding rope swings into water, secret caves, hidden beaches, and breathtaking hikes.
You probably wonder how these people just spontaneously go on these adventures and happen to stumble across these picture-perfect places, right?
The good news is that finding these adventures is something everyone can do, one way or another.
Here is your mini guide to go on that spontaneous adventure day you have always dreamed about. 
  • Convince Your Friend(s) to Join You
  • If you prefer to go alone, that’s awesome too, but if you want company on your spontaneous trip, then ask a friend, or two, or four to join you.
    Choose whose car you’re taking, download a whole lot of good music, and start driving. Bonus: car conversations during long drives on your way to somewhere cool are guaranteed to be the best. 
  • Think About Where You Want to Go and What You Want to Do
  • Sometimes it’s fun to just get in the car and see where you end up. However, having at least some direction can be super helpful and might make the day run a bit smoother.
    You can keep this as planned or flexible as you want, but thinking about where you want to go and what you might want to do and planning this out a bit can be helpful to you. 
    Social media and travel blogs can be great tools to give you inspiration and help you decide where you want to go. 
  • Be At Least Sort of Prepared For Anything
  • A major win: accidentally stumbling across a stunning hike. 
    A major bummer: realizing you don’t have good shoes to do the hike.
    If you’re going out for an adventure with no idea what activity you’re doing, bring enough stuff to keep your options open.
    Some things you should probably bring:
    • Shoes you can hike in.
    • A swimsuit in case you find a cool swimming spot, a place to cliff jump, you make friends with someone who has a boat, you find a place to kayak, or anything else water-related. 
    • Maybe a towel or blanket too.
    • A jacket/warmer clothes in case you make your way up to higher elevation where it’s a little chillier, or for after running into that stunning mountain lake and you’re a little cold. 
    • Water in a reusable water bottle.
    • Some snacks too.
    You don’t need much and it won’t take you that long to pack either, but with just a tiny bit of preparation you can set yourself up to do whatever you want to do on your adventure day.
  • Start Out With a Full Tank of Gas
  • “We can’t drive down the gorgeous scenic drive to get to that incredible spot that local told us about because we don’t have enough gas,” is something you never want to have to say.
    Start every adventure day with a full tank of gas so you don’t have to miss out on anything or fill up at that one gas station that’s crazy overpriced because it’s in the middle of nowhere.
    Gas is expensive, especially right now. Save money by downloading the app, Gas Buddy, to find the cheapest gas!
  • Go With the Flow
  • When you go in for a day of adventure, especially if you don’t start with firm plans, your plans are bound to change. On your way to a hike, you’ll pass by a trailhead with a cool name and say, “wait, let’s go here instead!”, or maybe you get to your destination and it doesn’t quite live up to the jaw-dropping photo you saw.
    When this happens, just go with it. Don’t get too bummed out when plans fall through, because for all you know the next coolest place could be right around the corner. 
    On that though, always trust your intuition. If you get somewhere and you have a bad feeling about it, trust that and try somewhere else. 
    Don’t put pressure on the day needing to be perfect because too much pressure on the idea might make it the opposite. Take a breath, relax, and let yourself go with the flow of the day and just see where you end up.
    There are so many possibilities for an incredible day.  Have fun and trust that it will turn out alright.
  • Take Some Photos and Videos For the Memories
  • Enjoy the moment and never stress yourself out about getting the perfect picture for social media, but whenever you think about it, take a quick photo or video here and there. 
    Even if the photos are blurry or the videos end up being the shakiest videos you’ve ever seen, you will love having something to look back on that day. 
  •  Remember Practice Makes Perfect
  • It might seem odd to think that adventuring takes practice, but you really do “get better at it” with more experience. 
    If you don’t have a ton of experience in the outdoors, the best way to “get better at it” is to just start. On those first few adventures, it’s okay if you feel out of your element and maybe a little overwhelmed. Know that this is normal and through time you will become more comfortable in the outdoors. 
    From outdoor activities like skiing that take time to learn and get better at, to smaller things like driving on windy mountain roads are things that just take practice and experience to learn.
    After a few adventures, you’ll know exactly what you need to pack in your adventure bag. Through trial and error, you’ll learn what sort of things you like to do and see outside, and what you don’t like too much. 
    If you crave the feeling of exploring, the peace nature brings you, and the happiness you feel when you see a beautiful place, you just have to go for it. Get in the car and go on that spontaneous adventure you daydream about. There’s a whole world of places to explore out there, and you are only going to see them if you get out there and see them. 
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    Written by @peaceofliv

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