The Idea

During a class project in 2017, we were tasked with finding a sustainable product to sell. This was when Ana, a Nepali native and one our original student co-founders, introduced the team to the idea of a Nepali hemp backpack.

The bags were hand-crafted so they created a ton of local jobs and were environmentally friendly by using organic hemp... they were perfect!


Flash forward 5 years later and Jack is the last of the original students to continue the business. He has since grown the brand across the world and now works with the most established and socially responsible hemp backpack makers in all of Nepal. 

Pure World supports roughly 300 people in Nepal

Here's a few programs our partners offer their employees:

- Free Daily Lunch

- 15 Minutes Daily Meditation

- 10 Days Paid Annual Vacation

- Occupational Heath and Safety Training

- Personal Finance Classes

- Motivational Counseling

- Donations to Disaster Relief Efforts

- Educational Scholarships for 20+ Students

every bag is made pure and with love