Holiday Season Anxiety is Real! Here's How to Deal with It

Holiday Season Anxiety is Real! Here's How to Deal with It
The holiday season is full of expectations, and it can be hard to keep all those things in mind at once. We know you're busy—but we also know that this is the time of year where family comes together, and you want to make sure everyone feels how much they mean to you. But between work schedules, family dinners, gift-buying, and travel plans—we know how hard it can be to get it all done!
That's why we thought we'd send some tips on how you can make sure you get what you need out of this holiday season:
1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't have to do everything on your own. You can ask your family or friends for help with things like gift shopping, cooking, or even just planning your schedule. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but asking for help is actually one of the most helpful things you can do.

2. Make sure you're taking care of yourself too! Eat healthy meals and get enough sleep so that you don't feel tired or overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle around you.

3. Understand that your family members and friends may be extra busy and stressed out themselves. Don't force too many plans and know that you can keep visits short. Remember that they love you and want what's best for you too!
4. Take a deep breath. A lot of people who are anxious about the holidays tend to get caught up in their own head by obsessing over what other people think of them or what they need to buy in order to please others. Taking a deep breath will help you center yourself again so that you can focus on what's important: your loved ones and how much they mean to you!

5. Schedule time for yourself. If you've been overwhelmed with all the things that need doing before Christmas, try scheduling some quiet time each day where you're not expected to do anything but relax (or even take a nap)!
We hope these tips come in handy over the next few days and remember, nothing says "I'm thankful for you" like a hand-made gift - perhaps even one thats made from hemp 😉
Written by @peaceofliv

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