Our story

A school project

Pure World began as a Babson College Foundations of Management & Entrepreneurship class project. We first started selling hemp backpacks because one of our team members, Ana, was originally from Nepal and had contact with a family business there that made backpacks. After the school year was finished, Jack, the head of sales and marketing for the project, was the only student who decided to continue running the business.


During our first summer, we began recruiting new and old friends to take their Pure World backpacks out on adventure photo shoots all across the United States - thus creating our slogan "Where will your bag take you?"

Pure World brand ambassadors stand on a rocky cliff looking out at a sunset with their hemp backpacks on

Since then, Pure World has become so much more than just a backpack company. Now, we are a symbol of adventure and free-spiritedness. Every Pure World customer is welcomed into our community with open arms to share their experiences and inspire each other.