Pure World: A Mission-Based Adventure Brand

Pure World: A Mission-Based Adventure Brand

About Pure World

What began as a class project at Babson College soon gained such incredible momentum it was impossible to ignore. But it wasn’t always like that. In fact, we first started selling hemp backpacks because one of our team members, Ana, was originally from Nepal and had contact with a family business there. Within the first year, Jack, the head of sales and marketing, was the only student who continued running the project. Today, our unique adventure brand known as Pure World creates sustainable hand-crafted backpacks made in Nepal with 100% pure organic hemp. Every Pure World customer is welcomed into our community of travelers from around the world to share experiences and to continue inspiring one another.

Our Mission

Since our launch, Pure World has become so much more than just a backpack company. Now, we are a symbol of spontaneous adventure and wild free-spiritedness in the travel community. The name “Pure World” comes from the conjunction of our two most prominent ideas, Pure and World. These ideas are the very foundation of our most important values, which ultimately define our mission.


The word “pure” is the first conjunction or idea of our mission-based travel brand. Pure represents the importance of sustainable products and eco-friendly materials that leave no trace or negative impact on our planet. We’re motivated to create a backpack that empowers travelers to showcase their uniqueness while exploring some of earth’s most beautiful places. Not only is it our goal to create a product that expresses each customer’s wild spirit (all while holding of their most important travel essentials, of course), but we also strive to do it in a way that puts our planet first.


The second conjunction or idea is the word “world,” which encompasses our second main value. To us, the word world represents the importance of cultural exchange, global partnerships, and a supportive travel community around the world. Without the foundations of a global relationship among one another, we would miss out on all the beautiful friendships, deep conversations, and memories associated with travel and adventure. By creating Pure World’s hand-crafted hemp backpacks, we are offering travelers a doorway to create meaningful memories in the great wide-open world.

Pure World Signing Off

When you add these two meaningful concepts together, they describe who we are and what we stand for in its entirety. As we grow as a company and travel community, we hope you will continue to share your adventures with us and inspire one another to never stop exploring. Our only question is, where will your bag take you?

By: Cam Martin

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