9 Interesting Facts About Chicago

9 Interesting Facts About Chicago

By: KC Canlas

1. The Chicago River is the only river in the world that permanently flows backwards. It flows away from Lake Michigan, which supplies the city's drinking water. This was done around the turn of the 20th century to provide potential contamination from the river into the lake.

2. From the top of Willis Tower (still known to locals as the Sears Tower), you can see four states on a clear day: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

3. The Ferris wheel was invented in Chicago 1893 for presentation at the World's Columbia Exposition.

4. Batman's Gotham City was inspired by Chicago and many of the recent movies were filmed there.

5. Every year, the city dyes the river green for St. Patrick's Day and it is quite the sight to see.

6. Chicago has more moveable bridges than any other city in the world.

7. Twinkies, a snack food, was invented in the Chicagoland area in 1930 during The Great Depression.

8. Walt Disney was born in Chicago.

9. Historic Route 66 begins in Chicago, ending in Santa Monica, California.

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