10 Amazing Boston Hidden Gems

10 Amazing Boston Hidden Gems

1. Boston Harbor

Photo by: @library_fleet_tall_ships

Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park is an urban oasis just minutes from Boston's city center. It is home to the Port of Boston, a major shipping facility in the northeastern United States.

2. Faneuil Hal

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3. Castle Island

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Castle Island is a cool place to visit because it has a long history and it's fun to be there. Hey, you wanna do something? Continue the day by going to the beach.

The island and connected beaches allow for plenty of shoreline to take a dip into the ocean. For a light walk around historic Fort Independence, it's a good idea to walk the Castle Island Loop. For a nice long walk, try the Pleasure Bay Loop.

4. Chinatown 

 Photo by: @hotelcommonwealth

Boston's Chinatown is a large Chinese neighborhood that's near the downtown shopping and financial districts. It offers visitors many different shops such as restaurants, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

5. Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile-long path that connects 16 historic sites in Boston.  Preservation efforts mean that these cultural assets are still intact, which makes Boston truly unique as one of the few places in America to experience the actual sites and learn the history they tell while walking through modern city streets.

6. Boston Public Garden

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The Boston Public Garden is one of the most beautiful spots in Boston. It is famous for its Victorian-era garden that attracts visitors from all over. The Make Way for Ducklings statues appeals to children and children at heart. Not only are the statues famous in the park, but possibly in the entire Boston.

Photo by: @ovimustea

During spring, the garden is filled with gorgeous tulips and vibrant other blooms. In autumn, the garden has amazing fall foliage. The garden is home to over 600 trees, which makes it a great destination for fall foliage lovers. Typically, fall foliage can be observed by mid-September and some will remain until early December unless snow causes the leaves to fall.

7. Boston Public Library

Photo by: @christines.chronicles

Established in 1848, the Boston Public Library is a pioneer of public library service in America. It was the first large free municipal library in the United States, the first public library to lend books, the first to have a branch library, and the first to have a children’s room.

The Boston Public Library was designated as a Boston Landmark by the Boston Landmarks Commission in 2000.

8. Isabella Stuart Garner Museum


Photo by: @simmonsuniversity

As much as any single work of art within the Museum, most visitors take away the experience of the Courtyard, where the stonework arches, columns, and walls create an unforgettable impression. By integrating Roman, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance elements and stone columns, she could have created a discordant mess. Instead, it is a beautiful and harmonious whole.

9. Fenway Park

Photo by: @fenwaypark

Fenway Park is the Home of the Boston Red Sox and America's Most Beloved Ballpark. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts, near Kenmore Square. The ballpark is considered to be one of the most well-known sports venues in the world and a symbol of Boston.

10. George’s Island

Photo by: @_ankou_

Home to the historic Civil War-era Fort Warren, Georges Island is the ideal destination for any history enthusiast.

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