We want to make more progress this winter break than ever before, so we are creating a more organized internship-style opportunity for you contribute to the Pure World team. We also want to give those who are interested an opportunity to put something meaningful on their resume from this winter break. The hours listed are flexible and we are always open to project new ideas. You can work on more than one project but we ask that if you choose to take up a role that you stick with it until the spring semester begins.
  • Public Relations: 3-5hrs/week - PR will be in charge of connecting with media outlets such as newspapers, web journalists and social media theme accounts to tell them our story in hopes of being featured. PR will consider questions such as “how can we make Pure World go viral?” PR will  also work closely with the bloggers and adventurers to help them create great content.
  • Inbound Blogging: 3-5hrs/week - Inbound Bloggers are responsible for writing interesting stories and articles that relate to the Pure World brand (hemp, sustainability, travel, college, etc.). Their entire goal is to bring new people onto our website. 
  • Community Development: 3-5hrs/week - Community Developers are in charge of growing the Pure World community. They will use social media to connect with individuals who look like they could vibe with the Pure World brand. They will be offering affiliate marketing positions where people can make money from selling Pure World merch and will be in charge of determining who should receive free merch in return for their promotion. Ideally these new community members will be in the New England area and we will be able to meet and go on an adventure with them.
  • Ad Management: 3hrs/week - The Ad Manager will have access to the Facebook/Instagram Business manager and will use an existing budget to strategize methods of advertising. The manager will analyze current campaigns and will consider A/B testing to increase ROI.
  • Adventure Map Software Development: 3-5hrs/week - Software developers will take the existing functionality of the Adventure Map and fix bugs in the system. Developers will prep for our first beta users during the spring semester.
  • Social Media Management: 3-5hrs/week - Social Media Managers will be the direct managers of Pure World’s Instagram and other relevant social media accounts. Managers will create a content calendar to plan posts and to keep up with current events/holidays. They will have direct access to our content bank as well as come up with new content ideas for bloggers, photographers and videographers.
  • New Product Merchandising: 3-5hrs/week - Pure World has always had a vision of becoming more than just a backpack company. We want the Pure World Shop to someday become an e-commerce marketplace for hip, young, adventurous individuals to find cool products that they are interested in buying. Merchandisers will understand the current Pure World brand and consider new products for the company to add to its catalogue. New products could include artwork from small time artists, existing products that we can put Pure World artwork on (such as water bottles), as well as new product ideas for our Nepalese suppliers to make (such as yoga mat bags). Merchandisers must keep in mind budget constraints, market sizes and segments, and return on investment. Once we add a new product we need a strategy to market it.
  • Content Creation: 3-5hrs/week - Content Creators will coordinate with local model/influencers to take them on media shoots. Creators will have access to company cameras if desired. Content Creators will consider the vision and purpose of their shoots. This includes writing storyboards for videos and strategizing how to display products in an appealing manner.
  • Web Design: 3hrs/week - Consider user experience and flow through the website. The designer will have direct access to the Pure World shopify account.

Email: for further questions or to apply to a role that you are interested in. If interested in multiple, please rank them based on interest. Also include any relevant past experiences and a sentence on how much of a time commitment you would like to make. Remember, it is okay if you do not have the time availability to commit. You are always welcome to come on an adventure with us.