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Who We Are
 Follow Pure World as the team takes on the internet. Pure World TV is the YouTube channel where we document our adventures.
Castle Island
Acadian Winter

Watch as the Pure World team explores the frozen Acadian coastal wilderness!

The Pure World gang gets the cops called on them when they accidentally trip an alarm at a mansion in Bristol, Rhode Island.
Who We Are
This was the introduction video for our company back in 2017. We've come so far but our passion for adventure is still the same.
Sam and Jack Take on Cannon Mountain
Early in January, Sam and Jack Flynn took a trip to Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire. When the boys reached the 4,180 ft summit they were welcomed by temperatures in the negatives. A cold yet unforgettable day.
We Got A Drone
Recently the Flynn family bought another drone. We successfully landed our last one at the bottom of Bungay Lake. Watch as Jack takes it out to the Quincy Quarries with his friends Ahijah Joseph and Colin Mckenzie.
Muzi Motors Gives Us a Car 
Muzi Motors gave us a Chevy Bolt for the day so we took it out on an adventure.
  How to dance in Time Square 
It was about 2:00 am and the team was hanging out in Time Square when we ran into a couple from Mexico who taught Berlyns and Ahijah how to dance. 
 Rachel Skateboards Bristol
 Watch our skateboard adventure in Bristol, RI (featuring Rachel Brunelle).
 Join the team as Nick, Jack, Ahijah, Robby, and Maddie take on Scarborough, Maine. 
Ahijah and the Turtle Forest
Ahijah explores a forest in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
Rachel explores Newport beach and the cliff walk.
Hermit Island
Corrine rides her bike across the beaches of Hermit Island, Maine and finds the sunset on a cliff view.
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