Make New Friends

Lea and Jae met eachother through Pure World and realized that they were in the same region so they met up for an adventure!

Adventure Further

Discover hidden gems and plan your next adventure. The Adventure Club is a great place to hear about new places, ask questions, and create that adventurous life you dream about

Learn New Things

From van life, to healthy living, to arts and crafts, and how to start a business, the Pure World community is here to help you reach your dreams!

Get Inspired

Connect with other adventurers to learn a thing or two and share your best tips as well!

Why join?

Pure people can be hard to come by but when they're found they last a lifetime. The Adventure Club is an easy way to meet someone you can relate with. A new friend, adventure buddy, or someone to be inspired by: you were meant for this club.


Just put your phone number in the form and the rest will do itself!

After signing up you'll receive access to our WhatsApp community chat where you can meet other awesome adventurers. From there on, you'll receive guiding text messages to inspire you, to help you find friends and purpose, and to guide you in becoming more involved with Pure World.

  • Guests - do not need to own a Pure World bag and can chat with others
  • Members - own a bag and have access to exclusive content, deals, and opportunities
  • Partners - have their own discount codes to earn commission, can run groups and sessions, and have access to exclusive events/partnerships