Trading Wildflowers for Fall Leaves

Trading Wildflowers for Fall Leaves
Falling in love with fall for the adventurer who thrives in summer.
I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling the heartbreak of watching summer leave. 
Summer is a magical time of year where the Earth is alive, sunshine pours down on you and fills you up entirely from the moment you step outside, the lack of school combined with long days between the sunrise and sunset mean freedom can be felt everywhere, you can jump into almost any body of water, and stargaze every night (without a jacket!). 
There is no doubt that summer is lovely and it’s tough to see it go, but time moves at its own pace and the seasons roll by, one after another.
So now it’s fall, and my god it’s magical too in an entirely new way. The way the Earth looks is vastly different from summer. 
It’s different, but it is wonderful.
Here are a 4 things to love about fall, and how to fall in love with them. 

Make a Fall Bucket List

No matter how much or how little you crossed off your summer bucket list this year, it’s time to put that away and start on your fall bucket list.
From haunted houses and corn mazes to sunset-colored forests, fall is incredibly unique. There are activities that exist only for the season. Changing weather makes for new travel itineraries to the places that might’ve been too hot to enjoy the last few months. 
The winter will come, and the weather, activities, and travel destinations for you to enjoy will change once again. So while fall is here and now, make a bucket list of all the activities you want to do and the places you want to see.
Make your own bucket list catered to your interests and dreams, but here are a few ideas you may want to add:
  • Take a desert road trip
  • Go on a camping trip with friends
  • Take a scenic drive through the mountains to see the fall leaves
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Go to a haunted house
  • Do a corn maze
  • Have a picnic somewhere where you’re surrounded by the fall colors. Bring all your favorite fall foods- pumpkin bread, candy corn, 

Don’t Miss the Fall Colors

It seems like every year, you wait on pins and needles for the leaves to start changing colors, then you blink and all the leaves are on the ground and the trees are bare. 
When the leaves are colorful, it is so indescribably beautiful. It feels unbelievable, and it’s one of those things that’s guaranteed to remind you how incredible this Earth is and make you fall a little bit more in love with life. 
However, the leaves only stay that pretty for a short bit of time before they fall down and the trees stay leafless until spring comes. Take full advantage of the leaves while they’re here.
It’s not a bad idea to add a whole section to your bucket list for ways to experience the fall leaves. Do some research about your area to find the best hikes, scenic drives, spots to take photos, and just the best places to see the leaves. 
Get out there and see them as much as possible. Go on walks around your town and when you find an especially stunning tree, stop and stare at it for a little while, take the long way home to see the leaves, and just find little ways to experience the leaves everyday.

Keep Getting Outside

Watching the weather get colder can be a bummer if you thrive in sunshine and summer weather. It’s understandable, but the more you get outside, the quicker you will adjust to the weather changes and find your happy place in the outdoors again. 
Keep on hiking, climbing, chasing sunsets, having picnics, experiencing nature, and exploring new places both nearby and far out.
However you enjoy getting outside, find a way to keep on doing that throughout fall. Depending on your activity of choice, you might have to make some adjustments with what you wear, the time of day you go, and things like that, but keep on finding ways to do the things that make you happy. 

Remember That Summer Will Come Again

But right now, it is fall, and there is so much to love about it. 
There is so much to love about fall, even if it isn’t your favorite. Find the parts you love about it and fill your days with those. Let yourself fall in love with fall little by little
The season that is here right now will pass and fade into the next quicker than you realize. Don’t spend the season wishing it away. 
Remind yourself that summer will come again, but until then, make the absolute most of the time you have now. This fall will be an incredible season of your life. Get out and explore, love all of the changes, and have a great time. 
Written by @peaceofliv

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