The Winter Collection : Where will your new bag take you?

The Winter Collection : Where will your new bag take you?
Since the year 2016, Pure World bags which are sustainably sourced from organic hemp in Kathmandu, Nepal have been enhancing adventures for travelers, students, the working class, and anyone else who has an itch for that Pure World adventure lifestyle. 

We pride ourselves on having a bag for everybody. We've worked hard with our production team to create winning products that sell out again and again.
To kick off the new year of 2022, we are PUMPED to introduce you all to our newest collection : The Pure World Winter collection - established in January 2022. 
The Sunray backpack 
Beginning with a newly designed and different from the rest full sized hemp backpack. Pure World is proud to introduce to you all The Sunray backpack.  CEO Jack Flynn was introduced to this color of hemp and the top-loading design during his travels throughout Nepal in October of 2021.
This is Pure World's first top loading backpack. Adventurers can use the two adjustable straps to secure their items and seal their bag. The unique yellow color will fashionably stand out against other backpacks and will get you compliments wherever you go. Summer, winter, fall, or spring the Sunray backpack is here to brighten up your day. 

The Woodland backpack 

Pure World is launching another full-sized backpack in The Woodland bag. This bag was designed through teamwork between our CEO Jack Flynn and our talented suppliers in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

The Woodland bag combines a unique combination of colors including some that are often found out in the forest. The first place we shot content with this bag was in a local park called Highland woods which worked as inspiration for the name Woodland. 

The Bermuda Blue Duffle

The largest Pure World  hemp bag of all time. The Bermuda Blue Duffle is perfect for commuters of any type. With a spacious main compartment and 3 additional front and side pouches, the Bermuda Blue duffle will keep you organized throughout your travels. 

Including colors from our previous Bermuda blue collection, this newly designed duffle is a late addition to that collection. Fashionable, durable, and sustainable Pure World is proud to bring this product to our website. Believe it or not this is our third attempt at producing a duffle bag and are finally happy enough with it to bring it to sale. 


The Oasis mini backpack

Like we said, a bag for everybody! Pure World is glad to add our 4th mini-bag to our catalog. About half the size of our full sized bags, The Oasis mini backpack is great for adventures of any size.


While naming The Oasis mini, we were inspired by the baby blue piece of fabric and thought that gave off the illusion of an oasis in the dessert.

The Long Beach Purse

The Long Beach purse is Pure World's first officially released purse. This purse can be styled in a handful of ways and is rumored to actually increase the amount of money you have in it the longer you wear it!(we are kidding)

Inspired by the warm, clear, blue waters of Long beach, CA this 100% hemp purse is durable and fashionable and will get you and your belongings where you. 


The Daisy May purse 

Along with our Long Beach Purse, The Daisy May purse has just a few obligations : Enhance your adventure, make you look cooler, get you and your belongings to the final destination. 

Last but not least, The Daisy May purse is priced at $35.99 and is our last product to add to The Winter Collection. Toss it over your shoulder and get your adventure on! 

Use this link to browse the collection -

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