The Only Guide You Need to Sustainable Christmas Shopping

The Only Guide You Need to Sustainable Christmas Shopping
With the holidays right around the corner now is the time to find those unique gifts for your loved ones. The Pure World team has come up with our top nine sustainable gifts to give this Christmas season that your loved ones will adore and the planet will appreciate.
1. Socks that Give Back – Conscious Step
Starting at number 1, we have the socks that give back. Conscious Step offers socks for a variety of different causes. Once on the website you can select by cause, ranging from “Plant Trees” to “Restore Oceans”, “Supporting Mental Health”, “Empower Women”, and many other causes. All socks support Fairtrade and are Vegan Certified. The socks individually are only $14.95 and there are gift box collections for $44.95 for three socks supporting the same cause. Conscious Step has already donated over $800,000 to their nonprofit partners.
2. Plant Your Own Pencil – Sprouts
A pencil no longer has a use once you finish all the graphite, right? We thought so too, however, Sprouts proved there is more to a pencil than just the ability to write with it. After you finish using a Sprouts pencil, you can plant the end where an eraser would be and 7-12 days later a plant will sprout. There are many different plant options ranging from basil, sunflowers, daisies, forget me nots, cherry tomatoes and so much more!
3. Sustainable Alternative to Harsh Make-up Wipes - Reusable Cotton Pads
4. Best Reusable Bags Available
Reusable Mesh Grocery Bags are very trendy right now. Seek Bamboo reusable bags have the typical see-through mesh on the tops of the bag however, the bottom of these bags are made with solid fabric. This allows the bags to be extra durable and hold up to fifty pounds. The bags, which are 100% organic natural cotton, are zero-waste and completely compostable. For $19.99 you will receive two sustainable bags which makes perfect Christmas gift for the grocery shopper in the family.
5. Stocking Stuffer Lip Butter
With the cold seasons approaching, what is a better stocking stuffer than a lip butter your loved one can feel good about using. Made from all natural, clean ingredients, No Tox Life Lip Butter is the perfect solution to those dry, cracked winter lips. The Lavender Earl Grey Lip Butter is made with avocado oil, cocoa butter, and natural essential oils. The Lip Butter is 100% vegan and cruelty free since it is made with plant-based wax. It comes in a recyclable and compostable tube and keeps lips moisturized for 4-8 hours.
6. Ideal Travel Toothbrush kit
Need the perfect gift for your favorite sustainable traveler? Look no further, the Zero Waste Teeth Kit has everything one could need to keep their teeth happy and healthy. Now on sale for $28.90 the Zero Waste Teeth Kit comes with a 2-month supply of Unpaste Tooth Tabs, either containing fluoride or fluoride free, a glass jar to store your Tooth Tabs, a glass floss container holding vegan Eco Bamboo Charcoal Floss, an Adult Bamboo Toothbrush, and a Bamboo Toothbrush Stand to keep the Toothbrush clean and dry. Simply bite down on the Unpaste Tooth Tabs and brush your teeth as normal, this makes traveling with toothpaste so much easier. Now, there is no worry whether TSA considers toothpaste a liquid or not.
8. No Parabens or Plastic Here
It’s no secret that aluminum products are not good to put on your body. Native products are not only aluminum, sulfate, and paraben free, but they have made conscious efforts to reduce their effect on the environment by no longer using plastic deodorant packaging and instead switching out for sustainable cardboard packaging. A product you can feel good about putting on your skin and putting out into the environment. To get into the holiday spirit Native came out with two product collections, the Holiday Collection which consists of scents such as sugar cookie, candy cane, and yule log, and the Cabin Collection including scents like Fresh Mistletoe, Spiked Eggnog, or Lump of Coal. 
9. A Sustainably Made Adventure Bag
You knew we were going to suggest it...
Pure World bags are hand-crafted in Nepal from organic hemp. Not only does hemp require a fraction of the land and water that cotton requires, but it also uses none of the pesticides.
Our bags are great for the environment but the sustainability doesn't stop there. The work that we provide for countless people in Nepal makes a huge impact on local communities. From farmers, to textile seamstresses, to cut and sew bag makers, and even the team who packages our bags into boxes and ships them to our warehouse in Virginia - when you buy our bags you're supporting the livelihood of so many people. 
Pure World Hemp Backpacks
Written by @peaceofliv

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