Quincy Quarry

Quincy Quarry


Jack Flynn

Quincy, Massachusetts

Ahijah, Jack and Colin took a trip to an ex-quarry in Quincy, Massachusetts. Granite mining began here in 1825 and provided building rocks for monuments such as the Bunker Hill Monument and The Titanic Monument. Quincy began to build a reputation as “The Granite City” until 1963 when mining came to a halt leaving jagged stone walls to surround a field of grass. It’s a great place to check out cool graffiti and climb some rocks.


How to get there?

By car: Southeast of Boston, go on Route 3/I-93 South or the Southeast Expressway to exit 8 and the Furnace Brook Parkway, go Southeast on Williard, head West immediately along Riccuti Drive. Park.

By public transportation: Take the Red Line to Quincy Center, take MBTA bus #215 to Copeland and Willard Streets, turn left on Willard, cross under the Expressway and take the first right onto Ricciuti Drive. The quarries are 1/4 mile on the right.


Now that you have directions, grab your bag and check it out! Make sure to reach out to us on Instagram: @pureworldbrands


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