Our 3 favorite sustainable brands to support this Black History Month


"You have values, so should your clothes"

Galerie.LA focuses on making sustainable shopping easy. They sell an array of products ranging from loungewear to earrings and even different type of applicants like lipglosses and balms, all sustainably made. Their founder focuses on bringing sustainably conscious fashion into dominating industries. Galerie.LA lets you shop sustainably and filter your experience based on your values as displayed below.
What we've got our eye on: Beach Waves Hair Texturizer
This spray in texturizer is purely natural, cruelty free, vegan, and made with no synthetics. Where we were sold is when we read it was made with the same exact salinity as the Atlantic Ocean. For only $8.00 you can reap the benefits of beach day hair, every day. 

Two Days off

"Sustainability and climate action are the heart of two days off"

This is one of the more unique companies we have come across. An apparel brand, the twist comes from the inspiration of the name. Their name is inspired by how the founder only works on the brand two days per week, and works as a climate researcher the other five. Two days off sells made to order clothes or sets made in very small batches to limit waste. Checkout the other amazing things they do on their website linked below!
What we've got our eye on: Women of Color (book)
This book is written by LaTonya Yvette who is a famous blogger who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her two children. The book covers motherhood, love, death, and racism while giving practical advice that can be used daily. "Women of Color is real life, real style for women of all walks of life" On sale for $20, this seems worth a read!

Tree Fairfax


"Tree Fairfax at its core, is minimal leather goods that are long lasting with timeless designs that will hopefully change how you move about the world"

Tree Fairfax sells high quality, handcrafted leather wallets and other accessories. Every imperfection in the leather is included to eliminate waste and make each and every bag as unique as you are. The founder Tricia Hash makes each and every cut, stitch, and stamp with her own two hands, so a round of applause to that!  Tricia Hash is pictured below with a few of her beautiful, eye catching products
What we've got our eye on: Leather Mini Moon Wallet
This hand cut, hand stitched leather wallet is perfect for holding credit cards, business cards, cash, or whichever other small items you please. Made with premium leather that will become finer with age, this piece at $45 seems like an amazing buy. 

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