Off-Beaten Path: 8 Incredible Hidden Gems in Newark

Off-Beaten Path: 8 Incredible Hidden Gems in Newark

By: KC Canlas

1. Staten Island Ferry

Photo by: @bodhi_bill

The Staten Island Ferry is a passenger ferry that passes through Staten Island to Manhattan. The best thing about Staten Island Ferry is that it operates 24 hours a day. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city while experiencing the Staten Island Ferry. Approximately 5 miles from the harbor, it highlights the region's stunning waterfront attractions.

2. Branch Brook Park

Photo by: @newarksymphonyhall

Located in the northern ward of Newark, Branch Brook Park is the state’s most popular, oldest, and largest public park.

Photo by: @idaliaphotography

The park has more than 5,000 Cherry Blossom trees, which gives it the nickname “Cherry Blossom Land.” In April, the Cherry Blossom Festival draws numerous visitors from far distant areas to celebrate the glory of Cherry Blossom flowers blooming in spring.

3. New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Photo by: @yumadd1

The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is the largest performing arts center in the country, located in downtown Newark, west of the Passaic River waterfront in New Jersey. It holds world-class dance and performing arts performances throughout the year and is home to the famous New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. It consists of four central departments ranging from Prudential Hall to Victoria Theatre, The Chase Room, and Horizon Theatre.

4. New Jersey Historical Society

Photo by: @bordentownhistorical

The New Jersey Historical Society is a renowned history museum and a historical society located in the heart of Newark. The museum has two floors of exhibition space, the hall for speeches, and a gift store. It is open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday through Friday.

5. Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Photo by: @newarkhappening

The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the fifth-largest cathedral in North America. This majestic cathedral is seen from across one of the most beautiful parks in New Jersey. Visit to see its stained glass windows, paintings, wall tapestries, and historical artifacts.

It features heavy use of stained glass, including three rose windows; vaulted ceilings, various wood paneling; imported and domestic marble; and crystal, silver, and bronze chandeliers. It has been visited by Pope John Paul II and even featured on the HBO television series, Sopranos. 

The Cathedral Basilica holds concerts open to the public throughout the year, and it has the largest pipe organ ever built by the Schantz Organ Co., which includes 154 ranks playable from two consoles.

6. Prudential Center

Photo by: @newancemagazine

The Prudential Center, located in downtown Newark, is a multipurpose indoor arena known for hosting entertainment and sports events.

7. Newark Moonlight Cinema

Photo by: @sensarch

The Newark Moonlight Cinema is a famous drive-in theater in the city.

8. Lower Broadway

Photo by: @newancemagazine

The Upside Down from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things has been spotted in Newark on Lower Broadway!

What's your favorite hidden gem in Newark, New Jersey? Share it with us!

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