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Wednesday evenings are for community calls, that’s how things have been for the last few months. Pure World, a Boston based start-up company that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work for since May of 2017 hosts community calls on the Zoom platform on a bi-weekly basis. We open up the Zoom calls to our entire audience, and we invite thought leaders from various related industries to join us and give us a presentation on something that they’re super passionate about. I’ve actually learned a ton from these thought leaders, whether it's been about beekeeping, anxiety, traveling consciously, or even reducing your impact while traveling, there has been a ton of value given during these calls. 

Having the opportunity to connect with our community in a unique way has been important to the growth and development of Pure World as a brand, but also as myself as a young person about to enter the workforce. My tasks in relation to these community calls are relatively simple, but easier said than done. Finding thought leaders in relevant industries that are available and open to joining a community call with a random brand they probably have never heard of isn’t easy, especially when the project's budget is low. Despite these challenges, I have been amazed and very pleased with the amount of amazing people, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs that have expressed interest and given us the time of day to make these calls happen.

 This past week we finished our 10th community call! We were blessed with the presence of Braulio who is a Colombian native and the founder of Onygotours.com and @Sustainable.Travel.Colombia on Instagram. Braulio is a professional who is very knowledgeable about the travel and tourism industry, along with sustainability in general. He is proud to be from Colombia and has spent the recent years of his young live as an advocate for Colombian tourism, even creating a brand based around group travel trips to the top destinations in Colombia. Braulio was for sure a pleasure to speak with and learn from, he taught our audience about reducing our impact when we travel, and ten ways to do that while having the best trip of your lifetime. I wanted to take the time to share these tips with you all, as I felt incredibly lucky to hear them from someone as experienced as Braulio. These tips can be used when travellng to Colombia, but also to anywhere else on our planet. 

  • Watch out for greenwashing SEO experts - Not every company is as sustainable as they make themselves out to be on their Instagram or their website, be aware of this and do your research.
  • Single plastic-use all over? - When travellng, research before-hand the situation with water at your destination - will you need to bring a large reserve of clean water? 
  • Avoid flying, but compensate big when you have to - Flying puts a massive toll on our planet, reducing your impact by partnering with local initiatives to offset this impact. 
  • Focus on the human side of your trip - Is your local travel brand hiring their local workforce in a fair way? You impact the locals of any place you travel to way more than one may think.
  • Commute responsibly when in the country - Ubering around everywhere is not your only option! Bike, walk, and use public transportation whenever possible.
  • Always eat what is locally produced - If it can be local, then it should be local. 
  • Respect local cultures - Engage in meaningful conversations and learn about local traditions. 
  • LNT principles - Leave no trace!
  • Go green and Eco friendly - Never extract or introduce a species of animal or plant to the destination.
  • Never support illegality - While some activities may be tolerated in different regions, they’re often used to fund even more illegal activities. 

  • In summary, Onygotours.com is an amazing company and one you should certainly book with if you are ever planning to visit Colombia. Braulio is an amazing entrepreneur and person who radiates good vibes and will make your trip a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you’re heading to Colombia, or that local state park of yours - use these tips in your daily lives to create a better future for our planet and everyone who lives on it.

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