It's Time to Thank Mother Earth

It's Time to Thank Mother Earth

The First Earth Day

In the year 1970, more than 20 million Americans (more than 10% of the population at the time) formally gathered in unison to demonstrate the importance of increasing the protection of our planet. They named this gathering Earth Day. 
More than 50 years later, and 50 Earth Days later we are still fighting the same fight but with a bigger army. Now, 150,000 organizations, 192 countries, and  billions of people take part in Earth Day every year. Things have improved since the first Earth Day, as harmful chemicals have been globally banned and countless laws and agreements have been put into place. As much as things are improving, there is still so much we can do!
The earth needs our help and we need to band together to make a serious difference. The theme of this years Earth Day is to Invest in Our Planet. Here's a few ways that we can get actively involved with Earth Day 2022. 

Getting Actively Involved

If you’re able to, joining a local clean up or organizing one of your own can be an effective way to make an impact. This website helps find cleanups that are closest to you. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even register your own clean up!
The trusty Farmers Almanac also outlines 10 mini activities you can do that range from conserving water, teaching the youth, and providing for our pollinators!

Getting Involved From a distance 

If you’re not able to get actively involved, but you still want to make a difference and do your part for Earth Day 2022 you totally can! With this link here you can donate directly to Earth Days main organization. They are a class-c non-profit organization. 
It's important not to confuse helping the earth with helping corporate greed. Each year plenty of companies try to profit off Earth Day by selling related products or advertising certain campaigns that they do not truly believe in. Do your own research and don’t fall into the trap of corporate greed!

Why participate?

The impact of climate change is often harshly debated, but most people agree that we should do a better job at caring for the environment. Humans without a doubt have made a negative impact on the environment. Scientists have explained that we are in a stage code-red for humanity, that as each year passes our reactions have to be more urgent to save our climate. 
Civilians all over the world need to make their voices heard through civil action, their daily choices, and their daily interactions with others. This years theme is not only to teach us that we can each individually make a difference but also that we should be more involved with the decisions that multi-national corporations are making in regards to the planet. 

Do your part this week!

Even though one day out of the entire year is not nearly enough, It is definitely a good thing to be involved with Earth Day. Let's use this week to build up the momentum to make a sustainable effort every day!  
With this link here, you can checkout 52 ways to invest in our planet not only on Earth day but on every day. 
These are simple things to integrate into your daily life that can make a real difference! Such as picking up litter while you’re running, switching to reusable bags, pushing for plant-based options, and using a reusable water bottle!

Earth Week with Pure World

If you're looking to get involved in a unique, effective, and informational way with our community join Earth Week with Pure World through this link

Earth Week with Pure World will consist of daily tips, recommendations, and world-changing ways to get involved. Join our community of tree-hugging individuals this Earth Day because power is in numbers and Mother Earth needs our help.  

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