Creating a VISION for yourself


Setting goals for yourself

You could probably have seen this one coming. Motivational posts and this piece of advice go hand in hand, but why should you actually listen? How will setting goals get us on track to have the most productive year to date? 

No matter where you are currently in life, you can use goals to keep you focused, productive, and efficient. Whether you are a college student who is chasing after those Deans List Honors or you are a parent of three children trying to work remotely during a pandemic. We've gotchu!

Daily goals

  • These goals can be used to create yourself a daily schedule
  • Be careful not to overbook yourself. Set realistic expectations and reward yourself for completing all of your goals within your timeframe.
  • To avoid overbooking yourself, turn some of those daily goals that are less important into "extra credit". "Extra Credit" goals don't have to be finished within your time frame. If they are, that is bonus points for you! 

Weekly goals

  • Jotting down your deadlines and scheduled events can help you create a prioritized list of weekly goals. 
  • Prioritizing your goals is important to avoid over-cluttering your mind
  • Having a vision of where your week is headed and knowing exactly what you need to get done makes it easier to plan out time for self care, fun with friends and family, and many other things that are important to you. 

Long term Goals

  • Long term goals keep you on track and give you a purpose.
  • Setting realistic longterm goals can help yourself feel more motivated daily.
  • Having long term goals that you make you excited can motivate you to make better decisions in the near future.


Creating a vision board

Vision boards are used by people all over the world to assist them with clarifying, concentrating, and maintaining focus on specific goals. 

So why should you create one?

What making a vision board can do for you:

  • Motivate yourself - A vision board provides you with an in-your-face personalized set of goals for you to live by. This was created by you and it should get you excited and motivated to work hard!
  • Destress yourself - Creating a vision board can reduce stress in this hectic and cluttered world. It can make you feel more organized and on top of things. The creative aspect of a vision board is a great de-stresser as well. 
  • Figure out your goals - Maybe you're not sure yet of what your short term or long term goals are, that is totally okay! Spending time creating your vision board can be a great way to uncover hidden goals. 
  • Remind yourself of where you want to be! - Display this vision board somewhere in your bedroom, home, or office and let it act as a reminder of where you want to get in life. This can be super motivating on those days that are tougher than others. 
  • Get over your limitations - Sometimes in life you may feel limited to certain things. Like you're not good enough to get that job or not good enough to play with those players. On your vision board, none of this is true. There are no limits 


Manifesting a better future

For one to manifest you intentionally act and live in a way that ultimately leads you to what you want. 
To start manifesting, be clear about your goals!
Write down your goals and start WORKING towards them
Be thankful for what you receive and do not take it for granted!
Let go of resistance or anything that is holding you back.
CHECK and CHANGE your energy! Positive energy is a must
Be flexible and TRUST the process.


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