Before you buy a Pure World backpack you should know this...

Before you buy a Pure World backpack you should know this...
There's something I didn’t know when I first got my Pure World Backpack, that I think you should know.
When I first got my backpack in the mail, I can’t even tell you how excited I was. I pulled it out of the box in the midst of a happy dance and couldn’t contain my excitement as I counted how many pockets there were and stared at the colorful design. I started testing out how much stuff I could fit inside (spoiler alert: it’s A LOT) and planning out where I would take it first. 

It’s the backpack for everything

I use it for school, hiking, climbing, sleepovers, picnics, work, and traveling.
It’s the bag I take when I only need a couple things, but I’m riding my bike there so my friend and I can cruise around under the stars on our way home. 
It’s the bag I take when I lose the coin toss for who has to carry the blanket up the mountain to watch the sunset. 
I go places with friends with my backpack on my back and my camera inside so I can capture the memories we’re creating. Sure, I could just carry my camera bag, but instead I put it inside my backpack so my hands are free to scramble up mountains, touch the trees I pass by, dance around, and hold hands for the heck of it.
The ability to use this one bag for everything and more is not just convenient. It’s beautiful too. It’s tied to memories of every adventure I’ve taken it on, and it’s a piece of consistency in the constant changes of life. 
I have an entire camera rolls worth of photos with this backpack. Every photo is different- the place it was taken, the landscape and colors around, the memory I have of it, the people I was with, and the emotions I felt. But the one thing constant in all those photos is my Pure World backpack. Thanks to the colorful pattern, it stands out real good. 

It Will Get Dirty… and That’s a Good Thing

If my mom looked too close at it, she’d probably cringe and tell me to go wash my dirty backpack. Then I’d try to tell her that it’s not just dirt- it’s a world of memories and places around the world stuck to my bag and coming with me wherever I go. 

It’s dirt from Canyonlands National Park when it sat beside my best friend and I as we sat on the ground at the edge of a cliff with our feet hanging off, just staring at the intricacies of the rock with our jaws on the canyon floor. 

It’s sand from the beach in Roatan, Honduras. The sand really stuck on there because it sat out on the beach while I swam in the Caribbean Sea in the pouring rain.

I spent a lot of my summer hiking, going for picnics, dropping my backpack to swim in rivers, and running through wildflower fields in the Rocky Mountains. Now I carry the dirt from those places and the memories from those moments with me wherever I go.

On the inside there’s some spilled paint. Now everytime I unzip my backpack to put my laptop, climbing shoes, or clothes for a sleepover inside, I smile and let my mind take me back to those summer afternoons spent under shady trees painting without a care in the world. 

It’s Being Kind to the Earth

All you’re doing is buying a cute little backpack, but really, you’re being kind to the Earth.

Pure World bags are made from 100% Pure Organic Hemp- a material that requires little water and gives back to the Earth as it grows, is durable and high quality so it lasts for the long run, and is biodegradable too. 

They are hand-crafted in Nepal with the most established and socially responsible hemp backpack makers in all of Nepal. Click here to learn more about who creates your backpack.  

It’s the most sustainable backpack you will ever own.

It’s Community. 

Every single time I have my backpack on, a stranger stops me to compliment my bag and ask where I got it. I smile from the compliment and the moment of kindness, and they go and buy the backpack they didn’t even know they needed.

Then their bag arrives in the mail and they jump up and down as they count out the pockets, try it on in the mirror, and step outside to take it on it’s first adventure and start crearting memories with their backpack just like I did with mine. 

Then someone compliments their bag and this cycle of sharing the love repeats itself once again.

So You Should Know… 

When you click that “place order” button and wait for your backpack to arrive, you should know what this purchase will mean. 

This backpack will lead you to new places and give you a gentle nudge towards that life of adventure that you dream about. 

You won't be able to look at your backpack without a boat load of happy memories rushing back to you. 

You might get tired of the constant compliments you get every time you wear it out in public.

When you have to wear a different backpack for whatever reason, you will probably be bummed out knowing it’s not nearly as cute or sustainable as your Pure World bag. 

This is what you’re signing up for when you purchase a Pure World bag. 

Are you up for it?


Written by @peaceofliv

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