Winter in Acadia

Winter in Acadia
Nick Lorello
Bar Harbor, Maine
Just because it’s winter time doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy one of the greatest and one of my favorite National Parks in America. Two friends and I showed up to the visitors center only to discover that it was closed. We then took a drive along the outside of Acadia and enjoyed some incredible sights including this one in the picture. We took a random drive down Cooksey Dr., got out of the car and spent some time along the snowy coast. We then went to Seal Cove off of Mount Desert Island. Our last stop was off a back road and into a forest that had Narnia-like bridges in it. Across the street we watched the sunset on some rocks over the ocean. We were only there for 4 hours and only saw a few sites but still had an incredible time. We all look forward to going in the summertime when the park is open. Nevertheless, Acadia is still beautiful in the winter time. All you have to do is drive around and you will not be disappointed.

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