A Natural Remedy

A Natural Remedy

You should aim to get outside atleast once per day!

The Mental and Physical benefits of getting outside in nature have been studied upon and proven through research. We don't have to do any researching to prove that some of us are stressed out during the work week and need both a mental and physical break from the chaos of our jam-packed weeks. Spending some time exploring and adventuring in nature, or even just plain old relaxing can be wildly beneficial to your day-to-day health. Stick around to see just how.


The mental effects of Mother Nature

Before even considering the physical benefits you can gain from being and excercising in nature, it is important to understand the boost in mental health you gain from spending time outdoors. A recent study has shown that men and woman who spend 20 minutes in an outdoor park reported a 64% spike in life satisfaction. Of course these benefits aren't long-term and complete problem solvers, but creating health habits based around being outdoors can seriously have a postivive impact in many areas of your life!

Being outdoors in nature opposed to urban areas has proven to be more beneficial to your happiness. A study had proven that people who walk in wooded areas opposed to city environments felt a more dramatic boost in mood due to natures ability to zap anxiety and worrisome thoughts. 

A practice called "forest bathing" which is popular in Japan and gaining traction in the U.S is the practice of spending time in the forest to benefit your own health. Science has proven that spending time in a green environment can lower the stress hormone cortisol. 


The physical effects of Mother Nature

We dove into how just being in nature can positively effect ones health, just imagine what exercising in nature can do!

While physical activity can help cardiovascular health among many other factors of health, this information is not to discourage you beach bums! Even just soaking up the sun is good for your physical health as the vitamin-D you soak in from the sun can be beneficial to a degree. Strong enough exposure to sunlight can also reduce your high blood pressure.

Outdoor activity as a child is said to increase your eyesight later on in life. Being outdoors can halt the process of myopia which is nearsightedness.

When doing activities outdoors you burn off more calories than you would doing things indoors. When outdoors the body has to work a bit harder to balance CO2 levels and consume oxygen which will require more energy from you. Spending time outdoors can even lead to improved sleep.


5 fun ways to get outdoors

  • Have a picnic with your friends, family, or yourself! - Packing a nutritious lunch can be healthy and fun! Head to the beach, the park, the lake, or wherever you'd like
  • A sunset walk - Head out to somewhere you can enjoy the sunset, make sure you arrive atleast 45 minutes before it is supposed to set and get a relaxing walk in!
  • Starting a garden in your yard - An at-home project like starting your own garden can have a myriad of positive benefits!
  • An outdoor photoshoot - Ask your photographer friends, photo-shooting is a lot of hard work! Not to mention it is very fun and a great way to meet new people.
  • Outdoor yoga - If you're anything like me, anything and everything is better outdoors! Get creative in your daily life and see which activities you can head outdoors for on sunny days!

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