9 Fun Facts About the Brooklyn Bridge

9 Fun Facts About the Brooklyn Bridge

By: KC Canlas

1. The Brooklyn Bridge has gone by several names such as Great East River Bridge, Great East River Suspension Bridge, and New York and Brooklyn Bridge. Its official name was set in 1915.

2. A rooster made the first trip across the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, technically it’s tied for first. Emily Warren Roebling earned the honor of being the first human to make the trip across the historic bridge, riding proudly in a carriage a week before its official opening in front of an audience that included President Chester A. Arthur. Sitting in Emily’s lap all the while was a rooster, a symbol of good luck.

3. It is the world’s first steel wire suspension bridge.

4. It became a site of a stampede soon after it was opened.

5. PT Barnum marched 21 elephants across the bridge in 1884 to demonstrate how sturdy it was.

6. There are compartments in the bridge used for storing wine.

7. There is another compartment turned into a fallout shelter.

8. No one can really figure out exactly what the color of the bridge is.

9. For 20 years, Brooklyn Bridge was the longest bridge in the world.

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