7 Best Hidden Gems in Providence, Rhode Islands

7 Best Hidden Gems in Providence, Rhode Islands

Providence, Rhode Island's capital, is like a smaller, less crowded version of nearby cities like Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. It offers excellent food and spirits, and you can dive into the fantastic museums, art and music venues provided every day. A perfect getaway, you can enjoy this place at a slower pace. Take a look at some of the best hidden gems in this small state.

1. Point Judith, Narragansett

Photo by: @iameckel

Point Judith has an old and rustic lighthouse that is located on the rocky shore of Narragansett. It provides light to the beach. It has an eerie vibe that earned the unfortunate nickname of the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

2. The New England Wireless and Steam Museum, East Greenwich 

Photo by: The New England Wireless and Steam Museum

The New England Wireless and Steam Museum was founded in 1960 and is dedicated to preserving the beginnings of radio and steam power. The museum has displays of the most significant operational stationary steam engines, including the only George H. Corliss engine running under steam. Rhode Island was a technology center in the 19th century, so many of the steam engines on display were manufactured locally.

The Museum has an extensive collection of pre-1950 wireless equipment, including Walter Massie's wireless telegraph station and equipment. The Massie station was initially located in Point Judith and was moved to the museum in 1983.

The 1822 Meeting Hall was moved to the museum in 1972. The building has been completely restored and features an antique reed organ and an early Hammond electric organ. This charming hall can be rented for various functions and will seat 110. There is a large grass area to the side of the meeting hall suitable for a reception tent.

3. Purgatory Chasm, Middletown

Photo by: @brendan_8862

Purgatory Chasm is a unique natural landmark offering exciting adventure. Follow trails to rock formations such as The Corn Crib, The Coffin, and Lovers’ Leap. After exploration, settle down for an afternoon picnic.

4. Gun Totem, Providence

Photo by: @timkr_p

The Gun Totem has a solid totem pole of thick concrete, gleaming steel, and used firearms. The Gun Totem adds new meaning when people talk about getting guns off the streets. It is located near the Federal Courthouse. It stands 12 feet into the sky.

It looks like a regular pole from a distance, but a closer look shows it is embedded with many guns. Built in 2001, the guns placed in the totem pole were part of a buy-back program. The guns here are rendered safe so that no one will try and get one to use them later on. The guns are so embedded into the concrete slab, which makes it impossible to remove any.

5. Fort Wetherill, Jamestown

Originally called Dumping Rock, Fort Wetherill used to be a hive of activity during the Revolutionary War. Its high walls were once lined with cannons and other artillery, ready to fight off attackers. Now, it is a neglected and eerie yet artful place covered with a ton of graffitis. Peer through the holes in the walls and have the same vantage point as soldiers did in the past.

Fort Wetherill is located near Narragansett Bay. There is a nice public park nearby. There are also walking trails in the vicinity leading to the coastline, bringing perfect spots for scuba diving adventures. 

6. Neutaconkanut Hill Park, Providence

Photo by: @laurahasheart

A beautiful city park, the little-known Neitakonkanut Hill Park sprawls over 88 acres. The park has several walking and jogging trails, and most of them offer terrific views of the city below. Some trails are easier than others, so it's perfect for people of all levels of fitness and enthusiasm.

7. On the Docks, Newport

Photo by: @ninafarrellphotography

Looking for a great place to eat in Newport? Check out On The Dock, a fantastic hidden spot on the waters of Waits Wharf, away from prying eyes.

Wherever you go to Providence, you can be sure that amazing nature awaits you. The smallest state is a great place to go to get away from it all.

Featured image by: @davidlong3653

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