5 After-School Adventures: Creating the Life You Have Been Dreaming About

5 After-School Adventures: Creating the Life You Have Been Dreaming About
If you spend most of the school day dreaming about the future, imagining worlds you haven’t seen yet, and bucket list items waiting to be crossed off- that adventurous life can start right now. 
I’m not talking about burning through every penny you’ve saved at your part-time job or dropping everything to start traveling full time. 
I’m talking about the easy adventures that cost you so little, but give you so much in return- memories, happiness, experience, and learning about yourself. 
Here are 5 adventures to do after school. 
5 fun things to do with your friends to make memories that will last a lifetime.
5 ways to feed your adventurous soul and take care of your mental health even when the time or money isn’t available for the big items on your bucket list.

1. Picnic and Photoshoot

Just picture it: you’re sitting with your best friends on a blanket on the ground. You’re having a cute little picnic and the afternoon light is hitting everything just right. 
You’re in a gorgeous spot, the whole set up is adorable, and you can’t help but notice how beautiful and happy your friends look. 
Everything is stunning and peaceful, and you feel yourself falling just a little bit more in love with life. 
It’s a beautiful moment that you will love. Take some photos and videos to capture it and turn it into a piece of art too. 

2. Sunset Hike

Do a sunset hike with your friends one night after school!



  • Time it so that you’re at the top when the sun is setting (or a bit before to make sure you witness the whole thing).
  • Choose a hike that has a summit with a view to the west!
  • Download the app “My Sunset” (or a similar app if this one doesn’t work in your area) to choose a night with a vibrant sunset.

Note: it will probably be dark by the time you’re hiking down. As cool as it is to hike under the light of the moon, a dark trail + the distraction of looking up at stars without light pollution = a very high probability of tripping and taking a tumble. Be ready to use your flashlight if needed and hike cautiously!

3. Ice Cream and Stargazing

Take a night drive with your friends to an ice cream shop, order ice cream, then head somewhere to look at the stars for a while.
If it’s chilly, there’s zero shame in staying in the car. It’s about making happy memories for you, so do what works. Just chill in the car while everyone talks, eats their ice cream, and looks at the stars through the sunroof or windshield. 
If weather permits and you’re feeling up to it though, go outside to look at the stars. Bring a blanket to lay on and many blankets to lay under, and find a spot on the grass, a boulder, the roof of your car, the bed of a truck, on top of a picnic table, whatever works.

To maximize the moment:

  • Drive with the windows down and the music loud.
  • Go a ways out of town so there is less light pollution and the sky is more clear.
  • If you’re interested- schedule this around the moon phases. Go when its closer to a new moon for a darker sky and more visible stars or maybe go to see the full moon.

4. Dress Up and Go Out to Dinner

Dress up fancy, dress up in costumes- take it as you will.
 It’s a lot of fun to get ready together beforehand and just hangout when everyone’s dressed up differently and potentially outside of their comfort zone.
This is a super fun and easy way to have a fun night with your friends and make some good memories. You have to eat dinner either way, so why not make it a little more interesting?

5. Nature Walk

Not a hike, not walking to a destination, just a walk in nature.

Pay attention to everything beautiful around you and also just let yourself feel like a kid again- climb on logs, skip stones in the water, and just goof around with whoever you’re with.

That adventurous life you dream of isn’t far off. Share this post with your friends, and you will have your next adventure planned in minutes. 

This life is for living. Go live the one you dream about.


Written by @peaceofliv

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