4 Fun Facts About the Matterhorn in Italy

4 Fun Facts About the Matterhorn in Italy

1. It is the 12th highest peak in (Western) Europe; the 10th highest mountain in Switzerland; and one of 48 Swiss peaks above 4000m.

2. The Swiss-German name for the peak comes from the words Matte meaning ‘meadow’ and horn meaning ‘peak’. It is called Monte Cervino in Italian or Mont Cervin in French.

3. The Matterhorn first appeared on the famous Toblerone packaging in 1960. Before this, an eagle was the main symbol.

4. It used to take two days to climb the 1100 meters of Matterhorn’s north face. Now, it takes around 8 to 10 hours when starting from the Hornlihutte.

Featured image by: Matteo Catanese 

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