Adventure Club

The Pure World team looks at their adventure map trying to decide which way they should travel.

Are you passionate about exploring the world and meeting new people? The Pure World Adventure Club is a new network for travelers and content creators to exchange adventure spots and experiences. Club members get exclusive offers to join the Pure World team for photoshoot adventures as well as discounts on Pure World merchandise.  
We are in the process of coding a platform for Adventure Club members to catalogue, document and share their travel memories. Each post will be tied to a spot on a user's map providing an easy way to showcase previous trips. Once Adventure Club members have uploaded their own experiences they can explore other member's trips on the public map. 
Our software development team is currently working hard at the University of Buffalo to deliver a minimum viable product which we will take to investors. Until then we are building the community! We'd love to learn a little bit about you. Tell us about your past/future travels and don't forget to add your Instagram handle!


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