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Meet SOME OF our Partners

Caleb Wu


Caleb is one of our original 50-50 partners who has been around for awhile. He is an experienced influencer with a knack for landing conversions. Caleb is an NCAA athlete who plays soccer at Anna Maria College. He is the captain of his college team and has recently started his very own Soccer team that he manages and plays for.

Caleb's favorite thing about Earth is the uniqueness of every single place. His favorite place that he has traveled to with his Pure World bag is Los Angeles, California. Caleb documents his life on Youtube and you can check out his awesome content there under CalebWuTv

Caleb's advice for fellow travelers would be to bring your Pure World bag and to take pictures

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Emily (She/Her)


Emily is a talented, sweet, kind and caring person who we've been lucky enough to work with since June of 2021! Since then Emily has been consistently involved with the brand helping out with various initiatives and landing conversions.

3 fun facts about Emily? First off she was born on Valentines Day (2/1) at 2:14 with a heart defect. Emily plays 5 different musical instruments and also just recently hit 300k followers on Tik-Tok!

Her favorite place she has been with her Pure World bag is to Black Mountain, North Carolina. Her advice to fellow travelers would be to use a reusable water bottle and to carry your belongings in a Pure World bag to reduce the amount of plastic use on your trip.

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Lola Rankin


Lola is a hardworking, loyal, and adventurous Pure World affiliate. She got her start with the brand in August of 2021 and has been taking us with her on her adventures since. When asked about her favorite thing about Earth? She simply said "It's beautiful"

Lola loves to read and write about her life, she's constantly on the water and loves the ocean as well as traveling to and exploring new places! Lola hikes each Sunday and NEVER forgets her Pure World bag.

Her travel advice for others would be to never look back and continue to look forward. Always remember to never be scared to do something that deep down you know you want to accomplish.

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Whit (She/Her)

Whit has been a part of the Pure World partner program since September of 2021. She is kind, caring, and adventurous. As an experienced influencer and brand partner, she has a great understanding of her audience.

She loves hiking to waterfalls, enjoys being the oddball in her family, and despite being a beach bum she currently lives in the mountains! Her piece of advice for fellow travelers would be to carry water, snacks, wear comfy shoes and to take lots of pictures!

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Zoe is a talented, up and coming influencer based in San Diego, California. She got her start with Pure World in August of 2021 as a 50-50 affiliate partner. Her favorite place that she has ever traveled to with her Pure World bag is Hawaii. She loves the beach, wants to travel the world, and spends a lot of her time skateboarding and surfing!

One piece of advice Zoe has for her fellow travelers is to learn to travel more sustainably.

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Luigi is from a coastal city in Brazil which means he grew up in a beach/surfing environment. Although it is cliche, Luigi loves everything about the Earth from the beautiful sights to the way everything is connected and how animals communicate with each other. Luigi is a talented swimmer who has been a national champion and medalist multiple times. In the Fall, Luigi will be moving to San Diego, CA for college!

His piece of travel advice is to learn from every place you visit.

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Emily Stephens


Emily has been involved with Pure World since September of 2021 and has been killing it ever since as a partner. Emily is currently a college student who works as a part time content creator and a freelance voice actress. She has successfully launched 3 of her own clothing lines, so shoutout to her for that! Emily spends her free time thrifting, record shopping, and antiquing with her friends and family.

Her piece of advice to fellow travelers would be to go out of your comfort zone and thrift your own clothes! Find eco-friendly versions of your favorite products in order to keep this planet as beautiful as she was given to us!

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Madelyn (She/Her)


Madelyn got her start with Pure World in December of 2021. Her favorite place that she has ever traveled to with her Pure World bag is Malibu, California. Madelyn loves to travel, take photos, and be creative with everything that she does! One look at her content and you can tell she has a knack for adventure and creativity!

What she admires most about Earth is the experience of building relationships with other people of different cultures.

When asked for a piece of travel advice to share with her fellow travelers she said " Stay focused! Be aware! For your safety but also for your goals."

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Alexa or Lex for short partnered up with Pure World in March of 2022 and has been blessing us with fire beach and travel content since.

Her 3 favorite hobbies are surfing, taking pictures, and traveling. To her, the top place she has traveled to so far would have to be Dubai.

Lex's absolute favorite things about planet earth would have to be the beaches and just nature overall.

If she could give one piece of advice to the community it would be to "not stop doing what you like just because someone else doesn't like it.

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Daisy Pope

Daisy partnered with Pure World in March of 2022. She's an adventurous person who enjoys going on adventures, listening to music, and being outside with friends!

Daisy enjoys capturing photos of sentimental and memorable moments to later look back on and remember how special those moments were!

She's looking forward to taking her bag to the beach and enjoying surfing days with it! Her piece of advice to fellow travelers would be "to make the most out of small adventures AND big ones. There are wonderful experiences to be had all around you."

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Riley is a skilled content creator that partnered with Pure World in the year 2022. Riley's favorite thing about Earth is that there is beauty all around us, he claims we just need to get out and explore it!

Riley has recently reached 1K followers on Youtube - His page is called Keep Exploring, check em' out!

He is getting married in June, and plans to move to France in August!

His favorite place that he has traveled to with his Pure World bag would have to be Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

His advice to fellow travelers would be to "Keep exploring and cherish moments you get on this Earth with ones you love".

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Matt has been a great part of the Pure World partner program since February of 2022.

A few things about Matt are that he plays college lacrosse, has been to 3 continents so far and plans to travel to all 7, and that he currently studies marketing.

His favorite place that he's been is Costa Rica and he loves to explore with his Pure World bag and find new spots to hang up his hammock.

Matt's favorite thing about Earth is the spots that are completely untouched by humans. His piece of advice to fellow travelers would be to bring a reusable water bottle and don't take or leave things in nature!

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Isabella Lubary (She/Her)

Isabella has been rocking with Pure World since March of 2022. She brings positive vibes that fit perfectly with our brand values.

Isabella is from the wonderful desert of SoCal! She loves Yoga and Meditation and states that mindfullness is what is most important to her.

Her favorite thing about planet Earth is it's healing abilities and the fact that she can always turn to nature and it will have her back!

Her one piece of advice to felllow travelers would be to go with the flow , allow your travels to take you to places you wouldn't have even though of going to.

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